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  Hey, all! Sorry for the radio silence recently, but I've been buried in edits of my Bi Agent Carter book, now retitled WHAT MONSTERS REMAIN. Trying to get it sent off to my content editor ASAP before starting on a new project. Anyway, in the meantime, I thought I'd share my playlist for WHAT MONSTERS ...

RT17 in Atlanta

Right now I'm on my way home from RT17 in Atlanta, GA, sitting at my gate in quite possibly the tiniest airport I've ever been to inside the U.S. (hello, Kansas City)--mainlining coffee while getting some words--and this blog post--in while my brain is still in post-con processing mode. Although I am not a straight-up ...

February Accountability Roundup, or: Bring it, March!

February, oh, February, where did you go? While I definitely got quite a bit of editing in, overall I only added about 10,000 words to this draft. This is what happens when all the conferences and writing events happen in a month. On a happier note, I also had some major break-throughs, which should make ...


This. This is my fight song. Rise up and nevertheless, let us fucking persist.

Libba Bray


You have woken the witch that lives deep inside me.

You have removed the slumber chains from the giant of old.

You have handed me a box of matches and no chaperone

And a world made of lies and polyester.


You have barked up the wrong bitch.

Proclaim it:

I have shucked off the good, southern lady’s cloak,

Of the homecoming court, the cheerleader,

The preacher’s daughter, hands gentled in her lap.

They tied it at my neck with a bow, a Gordian girl-knot,

When I was young and bossy and sure-footed

“For protection,” they said.

Whose protection? I wondered.


I have sent that shit out to the dry cleaners

I will not pick it up

They can sell it for a profit from a rack on the street.

From now on,

I’m exposing the raw pink edges of my true skin to the sun.

Some things…

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Monthly Accountability Roundup: What I Wrote and Read in January 2017

Okay, I haven't been doing these for a few months and I don't know about you, but I always am SO much better at staying accountable to my own goals whenever I publicly share them with someone. So here I am, back at monthly accountability posts due to go live the last day of each ...