Art by Grace Fong

Holed up aboard a wrecked spaceship in a junkyard, Damian Nettoyer is the Empire’s go-to gun. He kills whoever they want him to kill. In exchange, he and his rag-tag gang of crooks get to live, and Damian’s psychokinetic partner and lover isn’t issued a one-way ticket to an Empire-sanctioned lobotomy.

Then his latest mark, Raeyn, a suave revolutionary in need of an assassin, kicks Damian’s ass and demands his help. The first item on the new agenda: take out Damian’s old boss—or Raeyn will take out Damian’s crew.

But on a tip-off, the Empire raids his ship, kills Damian’s friends, and snatches his partner to twist him and his magic into a pro-Empire weapon. Damian’s only chance is to team up with Raeyn. If he wants to survive and avenge his friends, he has to make this revolution work. Even if he has to go up against the entire Empire and get way too close to Raeyn, who blackmailed him into this in the first place. In the end, the only way to save his partner, the guy Damian loves, may be to kill him.




Art by Sarah “Neila” Elkins

Special Agent Olivia Harper doesn’t remember firing the shot that killed her partner. The mission meant to make her career costs Ollie both her partner and any credibility she had among agents who mainly outrank her by merit of having a penis.

On the run from her former colleagues at the Office and determined to solve a murder she is convinced she didn’t commit, Ollie has to turn to the very monsters she’s sworn to hunt. Except the only one willing to shelter her is Ollie’s former lover who has plans of her own for the agent who betrayed her for a badge and the illusion of working for the good guys.

When Ollie learns the truth about her partner’s death and the Office’s involvement, she has to choose a side: Betray the only friends she has left along with her ideals, or turn into one of the monsters she spent her life fighting and become complicit in a supernatural coup.


(upcoming WIP)

Formerly the premier spy for the Allied Federation of Planets, Liam Montgomery has made the best of her fall from grace. Despite years of exile, she’s managed to keep herself in women, power, and a string of decidedly non-government contracts.

When a former lover and rival contacts her with an offer that would not only yield fortune but more importantly revenge, Liam can’t resist.

In charge of a heist to steal a rogue planet before it can be used to shatter the Federation, Liam assembles a team that might just manage to do the impossible–if Liam can keep them from killing each other first.