About me


Hi, I’m Alex. I write science fiction and fantasy, always involving diversity with a chance of explosions. When not writing, I am a high school English teacher, waging epic battles against comma splices and the misuse of apostrophes. I am a queer, polyglot German ex-pat who can be bribed with coffee and tea because it’s okay to like both. I own a lightsaber and don’t believe in no-win scenarios for that same reason. My cats prefer to be addressed as feline overlords and my other car is a TARDIS.

My first novel, EMPIRE OF LIGHT, is an LGBT science fiction novel about a gun-for-hire who teams up with a crazy revolutionary to take down the Empire that killed his friends and kidnapped the guy he loves. Think gay Firefly with magic.

I am currently working on an alternative history fantasy novel with the working title MENTAL NOTE, which is very much bi Agent Carter with monsters. It involves women boxers in the 1940s, monsters infiltrating the European government, and an agent on the run framed for a murder she doesn’t remember committing.

I am represented by Michelle Johnson of Inklings Literary Agency.

Follow me on Twitter @AlexHarrowSFF

  1. You have no idea how happy a lesbian Agent Carter makes me. Also your site is beautiful!


    1. Thank you, lady! I’m super excited about this one. Hope to deliver on all the reader expectations. The bar is set high. 🙂


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