So Long, Summer Break


Tomorrow it’s back to school–and ALL the meetings–for me, but I wanted to take a quick moment to recap everything that I’ve done with these last ten weeks of summer break. This summer, I have:

  • signed with my amazing agent
  • added some extra shiny to my first novel
  • rewritten and revised 30,000 words of my current WIP
  • finally learned how to write synopses before writing the book and outlined a series
  • read 30 books, an overwhelming amount of them featuring diverse protagonist, including lots of #ownvoices
  • finished and aced the first semester of my master’s degree
  • taken two road trips to visit some of my most favorite people

I think I can call it a pretty awesome summer altogether. I wish I was even halfway ready to get back from it, but then again, I don’t think I ever am. That said, this school year will mean a lot of compartmentalizing and crazy time management as I juggle writing with teaching and continuing my master’s degree, but hey, it’s not my first crazily sleep-deprived rodeo.

I’ll keep you all posted on some strategies I used and well, you’ll see my accountability updates.

So, anyway, let’s call this one a massive win.

As for my upcoming goals on top of teaching and grad school, I hope to keep up my streak of writing/revising at least 1,000 words a day and finish this draft/revision of Mental Note by the end of September.



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