Accountability Roundup: What I wrote and read in March

March has been one of those crazy, insanely stressful and anxiety-ridden months, so honestly not much got done. I’m feeling better right now, but there are better days and worse. Hoping for better in April, but here are my totals for March.


  • Goal: 500 words/day
  • Total word goal for March: 15,000
  • Total Words written: 5,080
  • Total writing days: 8
  • Average words/writing day: 635
  • Best writing day: March 29 (1,101 words)

Not too great, but I’m aiming for better in April.


  • Goal: 8 books/month toward a total of 100 this year
  • Total books read in March: 8

So, not all is lost. Going to start over this month. Hopefully depression and her friend anxiety stay at bay and I’ll get more done.

  1. Wow! Feel proud of yourself: I read 2 books this month ;P And wrote 4000 words. That’s still 4 digits. Go us! We are writers and we rock! 😀


    1. Thanks! Two books and 4,000 words aren’t anything to sneeze at. Let’s count it as a victory and move on! 🙂


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